About us

What is Coinrex?

In Coinrex we try to combine all the modern and secure technologies in order to provide the most realistic online slot machine experience. One of our main goals is to create a browser game, which can be played on any device - desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. We also aim to provide most reliable mechanisms to ensure the fair outcome of our gambling applications - we implement a Provably fair algorithm as a proof of the random, non-predetermined result, which also allows you to validate all of your previous results.

We use Bitcoin as a payment currency, meaning that all transactions happen almost instantly and the payment process remains as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Payments are as anonymous as Bitcoin is, because we do not require registration or collect any data, such as names, emails or phones. The usage of a personal deposit address for each of our customers ensures that it is very hard for a third party to find transactions linked to our site.

As already mentioned, we use only modern and acknowledged web technologies, which we believe contribute to the realistic and smooth gaming experience of our users. And we always keep our focus on making user interaction better, as we constantly improve our product to suit your taste and try to stay always in touch with you. Your opinion really matters to us and our object is to create the most simple and self-explanatory, yet technologically advanced, most fair and secure online gambling experience. Please feel free to give a shout out at our contact page for any reason. In short - just a good old slot machine, no shenanigans, no hidden traps, no strings attached. It is just you and the slots. Good luck!

Why would I gamble with Coinrex?

  1. You can always not only view the outcome of a spin through our validation page, we've taken this a step further: you can actually download and validate the results offline. Test this feature and let us know how you feel about it. As far as we know, we are the first site ever to offer this to our clients.
  2. Quick withdrawal. Usually only one confirmation of the crypto currency block is enough to allow withdrawal. For very large amounts and/or suspicious transactions, we reserve the right to postpone. However, blocking withdrawals is not common and is announced to the client.
  3. We do not collect personal data, we do not require an account and we do not track any activities. Each session is established, however, with cookies. We also respect local anti gambling laws. You can always contact us for more information.
  4. Always in touch with our customers. We not only promise to answer all your questions and inquiries, we actually do.
  5. Even if you don't click the payout button to withdraw your funds, we will transfer the remaining sum to your account automatically. If you have not received your funds and think its our fault, contact us.
  6. Coinrex supports fully mobile devices and the gameplay on mobile devices is as good as on desktop computers.
  7. We are kewl.